Sunday Cummins is a literacy consultant and a facilitator on the New Schools Project for the Erikson Institute. She has a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a Master of Arts degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Instruction. She taught at National Louis University from 2007-2012 in the Reading Program and she worked in the public schools for ten years prior to that as a middle school and third grade classroom teacher and as a literacy coach.
Her book Close Reading of Informational Text: Assessment-Driven Instruction in Grades 3-8 was released recently by Guilford Press and is available on Amazon.com.
She continues to teach and learn alongside educators and students as a literacy consultant, author, and researcher with a focus on reading and writing informational texts. She shares her work on the power of teaching with nonfiction texts to transform students’ thinking by presenting at state, national, and international conferences. She has published articles in The Reading Teacher, Book Links, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy and Talking Points.

Find lesson plans, student work, and more resources at sunday-cummins.com


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    1. sundaycummins Post author

      Oh, that is a tough question. (And sorry for the delay in responding.) This is a little beyond my expertise, but here are a few titles I’d recommend trying:
      1) Red Eyed Tree Frog AND 2) Chameleon, Chameleon by Joy Cowley (with pictures by Nic Bishop)
      3) If they like those, then I’d go straight for Nic Bishop’s books on animals like Frogs and Marsupials. They are for older students, but the photographs are amazing and teach a lot. Just talk about the photos with him, giving him the language to describe what he sees. 4) I also like Bearport Publishing for informational texts that are straightforward, easy to listen to read aloud, with great pictures and other graphics. Hope this helps.


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