See you in August

You’ve probably already guessed I’m taking a break. Finishing details on a new book with Heinemann (!!!!) and starting new edition of Close Reading. Hope your summer is peaceful.IMG_9083

7 thoughts on “See you in August

    1. sundaycummins Post author

      Thanks! It’s with a new publisher for me – Heinemann–on teaching students to read and think across informational texts. Working with Heinemann has been an amazing learning experience!

      1. Whitney donnelly

        To repeat myself, I can’t wait. I’m a professor at cal state Stanislaus in Turlock where I currently teach in the MA program in curriculum and instruction. I use both of your books in (along with Lehman and Roberts) in the course I teach in the fall (reading in the content areas). Students love your books!

      2. sundaycummins Post author

        Oh, my gosh! Thank you for sharing this with me!! A new edition of Close Reading (my first book) will be out in the Fall of 2018. I’ve learned a lot since it came out and am contemplating revisions and additions. If there are any gaps in that book or thoughts you have about a second edition, please let me know!

      3. Whitney donnelly

        Will do. I’ll get back to you. What I like in particular about the second book is the explanation of complexity. In most cases I think it is treated as a Lexie level period. And in many cases teachers are lead to believe that close reading is a list of text dependent questions period. They learn so much from your books that really opens their eyes.

      4. Whitney donnelly

        And while I’m at it, great job with vocabulary. Not all authors deal explicitly with the topic. I’m a huge fan of Isabel Beck’s work and I see that reflected in your work as well.

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