What are your questions?

Dear Reader, What have you been grappling with in your teaching with informational texts? What are questions I might ponder in my blog? I’m curious and up for the conversation.question-mark-358143_1280


4 thoughts on “What are your questions?

  1. Kathryn Naples Angel

    Sunday, I don’t have any specific question, but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy hearing from you. I love the lessons for K-1 and I am always motivated to try something new. I have a collection of Nic Bishop books that are so helpful in teaching info text and close reading. Love the ideas, keep them coming! The suggestion of “action” words is so simple, yet so powerful! When you do shared writing, do you have the children “share” the pen, or does only the teacher write? Thanks again! Kathy Naples Angel Prairie School 1st grade (and friend of Linda Litvan!)

    1. sundaycummins Post author

      Thank you for sharing! I generally do the writing during shared writing — for time’s sake and the purpose of my teaching objective. I save sharing the pen for conferences with individual students or small group guided reading.
      Keep in touch –loved hearing about your work!

  2. wdonnelly2014

    Tim Shanahan has made some really smart comments about close reading, and developing stamina for reading more complex texts in general. I’ve been particularly interested in his idea that teachers should provide less support when students are reading less complex texts, and more support as the complexity increases. A terrific idea! However, how should teachers determine which texts need more or less levels of support, and what these different levels of support look like?

    1. sundaycummins Post author

      Hey, there. First – sorry for the delay in responding. I just posted a new blog entry ATTEMPTING to answer your questions. In the end, I wish I knew your students really well and had the opportunity to read and think through the texts you are considering using. That would give me a better idea of how to respond. Ah…such is the reality of difficult questions. Hope my response in the blog helps a bit–keep in touch.


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