Bookmarks with suggested nonfiction authors for summer reading


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It’s a fact. If your students don’t read this summer, they may fall back in their reading development (Mraz & Rasinski). Inspire them by “book talking” nonfiction titles and authors they can find at the local library this summer. You might also send home a bookmark with suggested titles and authors. I’ve attached a bookmarks below for k-2 and 3-5–I’ve left it as a word doc so you can change as needed. It has suggested authors and includes space for students to write in nonfiction topics they may want to find books on this summer.

The best advice I’ve heard was from an amazing librarian friend–Elaine. She encourages educators to help parents fill out library card applications and then to turn the applications in as a group. Some libraries will return the stack of cards to you, the teacher, and then you can send the card home with the student. It’s a lot of work up front…but the payoffs may make our work easier later on.

Okay…hope this helps.

K-2 Bookmark for Summer Reading

3-5 Bookmark for Summer Reading


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