Close Reading Instruction Essential #1

When you engage students in close reading of an informational text excerpt, you must study that excerpt thoroughly. I find that I have to read and reread carefully, keeping the purpose for close reading in mind, doing my own close reading (line by line) and taking notes. I can use these notes later as I teach, but just taking the notes helps me understand the excerpt better.

Below are two images of my notes, taken as I studied to lead a close reading lesson with 4-6th grade students. FYI – I chose the excerpts based on the teachers’ (whose classrooms I was visiting) guiding questions for their current unit of study.




2 thoughts on “Close Reading Instruction Essential #1

  1. Laura Beltchenko

    Sunday, thank you so much for the link to the IRA Article by Snow and O’Connor. It helps to dispel the miss conceptions that it needs to be in the wake of instruction with every article or story. We should still be teaching a passion to read, not make children prisoners of a strategy. Love this Blog!!

    1. Linda Garcia

      Laura, Will you be addressing some of these issues at our Professional Development sessions on Monday? Looking forward to hearing you since our LA committee has been telling us how helpful you have been.


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