Favor from my readers


If you’ve read my book (and think it’s helpful :)), please consider writing a recommendation on Amazon. I need some fresh reviews! Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Favor from my readers

    1. sundaycummins Post author

      Oh, my – I just read your last two blog entries on close reading and felt like I was having a conversation with a soul mate! So much of what you say resonates with me – especially, that “close reading” is more than just what’s in the text – readers are having a conversation with authors and gathering/making meaning as they go – in a partnership. Subscribed to your blog. Thanks for touching base.

  1. Laura Beltchenko

    Sunday, I posted a review of your book on Amazon. Thank you for your contribution to teacher education. This book strengthens an educators skill set in ELA Common Core implementation. I look forward to hearing you speak in Illinois for the Suburban Council of the International Reading Association.

  2. Alicia

    Sunday, I have been doing a lot of reading on close reading. I am love the approach and see many benefits to “dissecting” the text with my third graders. They love working together after they have read the text multiple times. My lower readers are getting stronger in vocabulary, and my high readers are getting higher level questions that they create. I do have a question though, does close reading lend itself better as whole group or small group/guided reading group instruction?

    1. sundaycummins Post author

      I’d teach close reading in small groups as much as possible – especially in the intermediate grades like 3rd grade. It sounds like you have created a space where small groups can work together on close reading, though and observed positive effects. Congrats. There could be an instructional framework of mini-lesson for the whole group and then you pull a small group while other groups work together or you coach into groups. Thoughts?


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